Are You A Customer of Your Own Business?

What comes to mind when you hear the term, "customer experience"? For most, it defines the experience a customer has when they interact with a particular business. The truth is, often times business owners, and the people who manage these businesses have forgotten about this very important marketing tool. 

Wanting to understand this a little more, I asked a few business owners if they had ever been a "customer" of their own business. Most of them said, of course I have. But quickly realized it had been a while since they considered this. A few of them even admitted it had been years since they did. 

In more critical cases, I found some business owners had never considered this theory. Incredible, right? I know. 

In today's world of the instant social media personal networks, enhancing the "customer experience" has never been more important to a small business. People are sharing the experience they have with your business to their personal social media networks. And, they're doing it in real time. They talk about your business to their friends everyday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Let me put it this way, If you are offering a product or service, someone is talking about it online. 

Want a simple suggestions? Put yourself in the role of "the customer" and see how it goes. Is it everything you envisioned? Does it offer the experience you want it to? Is it something you would share with your friends? Chances are, you'll know right away if it does. And better yet, you'll know what to fix if doesn't. 


Be a customer of your own business. Be able to clearly finish this sentence: My Customer Experience Is....

My guess is, when you can do that, you'll be glad you did... and so will your customers. 


Tony Caporale

CEO/Owner TwinBear Global