Does Local Matter?

If you're anything like me, you're getting tired of your Facebook news feed... Yet, every chance I get, I pick up my phone and look to see if something new and remarkable has happened since the last time I checked... Nope, not really.  

Then, something pretty cool happened. I saw a post from a major food brand I follow, and somehow it was "relevant" to me. It had a street address I was familiar with. I knew exactly which store they were talking about. It had the manager's' name, which was someone I knew and had recently said hello to. It actually meant something to me that they did this. And as a result, I visited the store and actually made a purchase! 

Owning a social media management company, I thought... That's the goal, right?

This was the moment TwinBear starting steering our clients to a more localized strategy and the results have been remarkable. Each of their locations now have their own Facebook page with store details and hours relevant to the people that live right by. Managers share stories of their most loyal guests and communities are formed around each and every page. SEO benefits and brand reputations are soaring. 

This is a game changer! If you want more details, contact us today.

Tony Caporale,

CEO/Owner, TwinBear Management, LLC