Does Your Brand Have A Social Media Backup Plan?

Given today’s social media outage, what better time than now to discuss what to do when it’s not an option! Currently Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram all are down.  From large corporations to local businesses, everyone is marketing their services and products via social media. It has become a pillar in the way brands market themselves and talk to their audiences, but have companies become too dependent on it? 

Social media platforms are forever changing their algorithms and experimenting with different ways to keep their platforms competitive and relevant to their audiences. Youtube is currently running a new test which hides comments on all videos, and Instagram is running a test hiding like counts from customers. Because engagement on these platforms can be monetized, and these factors can determine the visibility of your content on timelines, this could negatively affect multiple brands. Not to mention, social media outages have become a recurring issue lately.

If all social media platforms disbanded tomorrow, what is your company’s backup plan? Relying on one source of marketing can be risky, so we’ve put together a list of options to make sure you’re always in touch with your audience.

3 Social Media Alternatives to Keep in Place

1.) A website to showcase your services, products or portfolio. 

Whether it’s to sell products, market services, or showcase a creative portfolio, your website should operate as a one-stop shop for your audience, where they can learn more about the brand, inquire about services, or buy commerce. It’s important to make sure your website is always up to date so when customers visit they have accurate info that aligns with your messaging on each platform. 


2.) An email newsletter is another great way to keep in touch with your audience.

Many clients find it more convenient to be contacted directly, rather than having to seek out answers to questions they may have. This is also a way to keep your audience in the loop about company updates, specials, or important announcements that will affect them. Make sure to update your mailing list regularly with new leads or customers.

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3.) A Mailing List 

We know! It’s the last thing you’d expect to hear from a social media agency, but there’s still value in using mailing lists when the timing is right. It is also the ultimate way to ensure that outside of the internet you still would be able to market your services to current and potential customers. 

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Social media is effective and important in today’s market and should continue to be prioritized when it comes to your online presence, but always have a backup plan! 

Written by, Tyra Mills